To the New Zealand Principals Federation Fundraise Mall


The New Zealand Principals' Federation Fundraise Mall is made up of 267 New Zealand, Australian and international stores with millions of items available at great prices. By purchasing through the NZPF Fundraise Mall, you are helping New Zealand schools obtain funds for much-needed equipment, activities, and to fulfill their wish lists. Sales through the Fundraise Mall typically generate a 10% commission to New Zealand schools.

The stores periodically have items with promotional discounts and coupon vouchers, so check back often to NZPF Fundraise Mall to grab an even better deal.

Even though your chosen school gets commission you still pay the normal or sale price.

To activate your school's own Fundraise Mall you simply link the URL to your School App. Look at the link to procedure in the School Menu.

Please tell your family and friends about the New Zealand Principals' Federation Fundraise Mall.


Have a look at our demo school:

NZPF Demo School