About New Zealand Principals Federation Fundraise Mall

New Zealand Principals Federation Fundraise Mall helps a School fund raise

How does Fundraise Mall work?

  • We link your New Zealand Principals Federation Fundraise Mall to your School web site and App and provide an App to link it to if you dont already have an App. When people access the Fundraise Mall via your School web site or App and purchase merchandise from the Fundraise Mall, your School - without any effort - receives a share in the sales value (commission), thereby raising funds for your School.
  • We customise your School Fundraise Mall so that the buyer can see they are helping your School in particular.
  • The School then promotes its Fundraise Mall to people and firms who are involved in your School community.
  • The School tells people and firms who are involved in your School community to download the FREE School app to their phones.
  • The Fundraise Mall stores sell and ship direct to the recipient by Post or by Courier, the same as any online purchase.

How does the School make money?

  • We have negotiated a sales commission from the Fundraise Mall Store Owners that will pass to your School when people in your School buy through the Fundraise Mall. The Fundraise Mall Store Owners are willing to do so as it will increase traffic and sales for them.
  • The Fundraise Mall sales commission varies depending on merchandise or service purchased. Generally the commission is in the range of 3% to 30% (usually 10%). For some products and services the commission is a fixed dollar amount ($10, $50 or $100).
  • We pay the sales commission to your School monthly, 90 days after purchase was made to allow for returns and refunds.
  • The financial structure is set up so that there is no financial risk. The School can only make money.

What does a School have to do?

  • Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Using the Fundraise Mall application form apply for your Fundraise Mall.
  • If you have an App you can link your Fundraise mall to it. If you dont have an App to communicate, engage and leverage your school community, you can activate the NZPF Putti App which you can down load from the app stores [search NZPF Schools in the app store its free]
  • You ask all the people in your School community to help with fundraising by down loading the App and buying through your Fundraise Mall.